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Sizing Example: Array of 24 EP-40 Collectors At 40.9 ft2 gross area per collector 24 EP-40 collectors have a total array area of 979.2 ft2. Referencing the brazed plate heat exchanger table above we would select an SP110Y-30 for a single wall application or a SP110DW-30 for a double wall application.【Get Price】

B3-32DW 20 Plate Double Wall Heat Exchanger [HX3220DW

B3-32DW 20 Plate Double Wall Heat Exchanger • 11.25" x 4.56" SS316L Inner Plates • 0.64 m² Total Surface Area • 316 Stainless Steel Copper Brazed【Get Price】

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our new range of brazed heat exchangers delivers unmatched heat transfer and energy efficiency. 21st century performance Even though significant improvements have been made across the heat transfer technology traditional brazed heat exchanger plate design has remained the same for over 40 years. At Danfoss we recognise that times【Get Price】

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BRAZEPAK BPDW DOUBLE-WALL BrazePak BPDW Double-Wall brazed plate heat exchangers offer the highest level of leak protection safety thermal efficiency and durability in a compact low cost unit. Standard Xchange advanced lean manufacturing process provides fast deliveries with maximum design flexibility. F1 F2 F4 F3 c d a b A In case of internal【Get Price】


There are two heat source options when installing radiant floor heating systems: boilers and hot water heaters. Whichever heat source you use it can be easily isolated from the radiant floor loop with a DHT heat exchanger. Option 2. Domestic hot water heater to radiant floor To select a heat exchanger for a boiler to radiant floor application: a.【Get Price】

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Double-Wall Safety Heat Exchanger (Brazed Platte) - GB-DW Series: an optimized plate design ensures high pressure resistance and reliability.【Get Price】

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The design of the double wall brazed plate heat exchanger prevents cross contamination of fluid streams if there is an internal leak within the unit. Two plates are joined together per heat-transfer plate couple providing isolation and compartmentalization of fluids flowing through the heat exchanger.【Get Price】