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PVC Cladding For Restaurants And Commercial Kitchens | An

Visual Appeal - Restaurant wall panels provide a neutral modern and professional look to any commercial restaurant kitchen. Resistance and durability- Restaurant wall panel cladding is a much more durable and resistant option compared to tiling or plaster.【Get Price】

Custom Concrete Wall Panels & Tile - Trueform

Looking for concrete precast wall panels and wall cladding for a residential or commercial space? Concrete precast wall panels are lightweight easy to install and customizable in so many ways. Trueform's standard precast wall panel thickness is 5/8" thick and can vary in size depending on the capacity and job application.【Get Price】

How to Design and Build a Commercial Kitchen | Metrocrete

Commercial Wall Panels and Painting. Like with flooring walls for commercial kitchens have numerous options functional needs and code requirements. Fire protection and moisture are the most important code requirements. Ease and low-cost cleaning is extremely important for maintaining a sanitary environment.【Get Price】

Stainless Steel Wall Cladding - Panels & Trim Molding

Trim Molding – Used to attach wall cladding and provide an aesthetic for covering seams between sheets and around corners. Our cladding is being used for a variety of applications including: Restaurant and commercial kitchen wall covering; Clean room and sanitary wall solutions【Get Price】