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Unfortunately this was a bug with the old Curtain Wall tool. The parameter script does not run when changing the custom panel's thickness values. This defect was fixed on ARCHICAD 22. If you are using ARCHICAD 20 there is a workaround for this issue: 1. Go to edit mode 2. Select all panel(s) that is set to use Custom Panel 3.【Get Price】

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This video presents the Floor Plan Representation enhancements of the Curtain Wall Tool. ARCHICAD 22 offers View-dependent control of the Detail Level of Curtain Walls and their components in all Viewpoints. This is achieved by new options in the “Model View Options” Dialog and enhanced GDL Objects for Curtain Wall components.【Get Price】

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ARCHICAD 22 enables graphical Curtain Wall Pattern creation right within the tool’s Edit Mode. Any number of Frames and Panels may be placed to create the Curtain Wall’s Pattern Unit. A new Pattern Box feature lets you define the exact size and location of the Pattern and the Frames and Panels to be included in it.【Get Price】

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Tiêu đề: Curtain Wall Panel - Edit in Place 22/3/2013 13:57 You can edit a system panel in place. Yes that means you can select a curtain wall's system panel like Glass or Solid and then Edit-in-Place.【Get Price】

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The Curtain Wall tool enables users to configure place and edit an element consisting of Frame Panel Accessory and Junction elements. To control the whole hierarchy at once System level settings which define the overall scheme and configure members on all levels have been organized into a multi-page settings dialog.【Get Price】

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The Panels page of Curtain Wall Settings contain the settings for each Panel Class. Panel Tool Settings (in Edit mode) contains nearly identical controls. List of Panel Classes The top of the dialog lists the available Panel classes by name and type.【Get Price】

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ARCHICAD 22. Hidden label Place Door- or Window-Type Panel in Curtain Wall; User manuals Model View Options for Curtain Walls Curtain Wall Edit Mode【Get Price】

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This option can be set on the Curtain Wall Settings dialog at the Floor and Section / Projection Mode. From ARCHICAD 22 at the Model View Option you can choose the detail level for each component in the Curtain Wall. The detail level for the curtain wall panels can be Full Simplified or Schematic. Create a curtain wall panel library part. In 【Get Price】