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The sole plate and top plate are the same size lumber as the studs usually 2 by 4s. Use long lumber for plates splicing lengths together for long walls. Although the sole plate does not extend across doorways if you are framing a wall on the floor and lifting it into position it is easier to use a continuous sole plate and then cut out the 【Get Price】

Stud partition - the basic structure

Top and sole plates - 100mm x 50mm (4 inch x 2 inch) End studs - 100mm x 50mm (4 inch x 2 inch) Other studs - 100mm x 75mm (4 inch x 3 inch) Noggins - 100mm x 50mm (4 inch x 2 inch) Top and sole plates. Mark the line of the sole plate first - there will probably be two lengths with a gap for the doorway.【Get Price】

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If you prebuild the wall (very common) it is common practice to drive two 16p nails into the stud through the sole plate from the bottom. If the sole plate is already in place you can toenail the stud in with 2 nails per side (4 total). Or you can use Simpson connecting brackets.【Get Price】

SP 3-1/2 in. x 5-1/16 in. Galvanized Stud Plate Tie

The stud plate tie series offers various solutions for connecting the stud to the top and bottom plates. All models can be used to make a connection to either the top or bottom plate and several are suitable for double top plates and studs. Stud plate ties add strength and rigidity to the critical stud-plate connection.【Get Price】

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The sole plate also sometimes referred to as the sill plate the mud sill or the base plate is the main supporting beam of a wall in the construction industry. Typically these are the first piece of wood that is in contact with the masonry of the basement or foundation. Sole plates are important 【Get Price】

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The sole plate is essentially the first part of any timber framed building to be installed. All of the other structural timbers and stud work are then build on top of the sole plate. As such it is obvious right away that this is a very important part of the building.【Get Price】

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Studs shall be continuous from a support at the sole plate Los Angeles Building Code > 23 Wood > 2308 Conventional Light-Frame Construction > 2308.5 Wall Construction > 2308.5.1 Stud Size Height and Spacing【Get Price】

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There are four main parts to your stud wall: the floor/sole plate ceiling plate vertical studs and horizontal braces. The first thing to do when planning your stud wall is to choose a place for it to go. Wherever you choose you’ll need to make sure that the wall you’re doing to secure your stud wall against is safe to hammer or drill into.【Get Price】

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Release the jack and columns when the stud and surrounding wall is once again resting on the sill plate. Tighten the lag bolts holding the sill to the foundation. Use the standard nails to attach the brackets at the bottom of all the studs to the sill plate checking them for level before securing.【Get Price】