fixing a wall plate for joists

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fixing a 50mm wall plate. you need a sleeve anchor like this resin fixings are a total con foisted by the greedy on the gullible imo the mans wife will spend more money on curtain rings than these resin anchors cost. Personally i would not try and save a tenner on something that was holding up my floor.【Get Price】

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Before fitting the plate: Check that the wall you fixing to is of sound construction. Is it a solid nine inch wall or outer leaf of cavity this knowledge will have a bearing on drill depth. As a guide fixings should be at 400 centre The plate should be 50mm deeper than the joists that you are fixingpresumably on hangers.【Get Price】

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Fixing to an existing wall would need either individual joist hangers in the wall or a 3x2 timber fixed to the wall face as a bearer plate with the joists notched or resting on top of this or a 8x2 timber fixed to the wall face with timber joist hangers on the front for the joists.【Get Price】

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Mark the inside edge of the joist on the wall plate and fix the hanger onto the plate lined up with this. Only fix one side permanently - a couple of screws will hold the other side of the bracket. Drop the joist in tighten up the bracket and finish fixing and move on to the next 【Get Price】

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Tilt the wall onto its bottom plate and hoist it upright. Align the wall's top plate directly beneath the parallel joist's bottom edge. Plumb the wall and anchor the wall to the joist and subfloor with the nail gun. Space nails at least 24 inches on center or according to local requirements.【Get Price】

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Fixing a wall plate Hi. I'm having an extension built and would like to know how to properly and safely fix (for example anchor bolts what size etc.) a wall plate to an external masonry wall so that the joist will hold a 102kg rooflight?【Get Price】

How Should I Fix a Small Area of Rotted Sill Plate and Rim Joist?

If that is what you are talking about then to replace that IF fully supported on the wall or sill so not acting as a beam part of same procedure as sill plate but you instead support the member on top of the joist if its load does not come down on the crawlspace cripple wall - which presumably would be the 3/4 sheathing forming the subfloor 【Get Price】