remove phone jack wall plate

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If the cable passed through the floor use latex wood filler or rearrange the carpet to cover the hole. Some jacks are connected to electrical boxes on the wall similar to electrical receptacles. A quick way to cover the box without removing it is to screw on a cover plate.【Get Price】

Does anyone know how to remove this telephone wall-plate

Krakilin0405 wrote: ↑Bell came to install a line for me and replaced one of my basic telephone jack wallplate (the once with 2 screws) with this one here (see pic). The new one they installed has no screws! Does anyone know how to properly remove this plate? I need to get to the inside wiring.【Get Price】

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I'd like to remove the phone jack in my kitchen. I know that I can just splice the corresponding wires together and seal up the hole without issues but is it possible for me to remove the wire for that jack from the wall? Would I be able to go to the outside unit and pull out the wire? Or is this even necessary? Thanks!【Get Price】