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Glue holds better than a screw Try removing glued board It breaks a big chunk of drywall out of the back of a sheet or just breaks the whole board a screw can cleanly pop out Its only the edges of a screw head holding the board A glue lump could be a bonded area over an inch round and it wont let go of the paper.【Get Price】

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I want to take out the drywall on those walls and do the following: – Install Ruxol Safe and Sound insulation made of natural stone – Cover the walls with MLV – put one layer of drywall – Seal the seems and openings with w/ Green Glue Sealant – Then apply Green Glue to back of the 2nd layer of drywall – install 2nd layer and seal【Get Price】

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Wallboard is a catch-all term for any material that's attached to studs to create finished wall surfaces. Drywall is a specific kind of wallboard made with gypsum.【Get Price】

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We ran a test on a new drywall adhesive made by Tytan and it has helped me tip the scale on the whole glue drywall debate. Previous to this test I didn't l【Get Price】

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Choosing drywall adhesive is a bit different from choosing other adhesives because bonding strength usually is not much of a concern when compared to other factors. . Drywall often is applied to many different materials including wood and metal and the drywall adhesive should be able to bond to both of these ma【Get Price】

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Glue also may be part of the equation if you want to create a home theater or recording area with doubled wallboard for sound dampening. Drywall commonly is used as wallboard within home construction.【Get Price】

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In case you find that you cannot afford it then you should go ahead with drywall instead. Use Green Glue. Opt for Green Glue which is a product that almost anyone is using today to soundproof projects. If you are doing a simple double layer drywall construction or adding different layers of material inbetween then you should use Green Glue.【Get Price】