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Classroom Resource: Talking and Teaching about Walls and

As the border art suggests debates about the wall are about more than funding and plans for construction. Deeply connected to discussions about the wall is a range of issues related to immigration. We frequently use the iceberg diagram strategy to help make the various issues that come together in a civic debate visible.【Get Price】

Border Wall - ESL Lesson Plan - Breaking News English

English News Lessons: Free 27-Page lesson plan / 2-page mini-lesson - Border Wall - Handouts online activities speed reading dictation mp3 current events.【Get Price】

Classroom Connections: Immigration in the Curriculum

The following multimedia resources offer classroom materials and lesson plans for all ages about the topic of immigration in the United States. We also include a list of related booklists below. Classroom materials on the topic of family separations at the border are available in this updated resource section .【Get Price】

Lesson Plan: Crossing the U.S/Mexican Border

Al Otro Lado Lesson Plan 1 Lesson Plan: Crossing the U.S/Mexican Border FILM: This lesson plan is designed for use with the film Al Otro Lado (To the Other Side). This 60-minute film provides a window into issues along the border between the United States and Mexico. A young Mexican man named Magdiel faces an economic crisis in his fishing town.【Get Price】

The Line Between Us: Teaching About the Border and Mexican

The Line Between Us: Teaching About the Border and Mexican Immigration (Rethinking Schools) explores the history of U.S.-Mexican relations and the roots of Mexican immigration all in the context of the global economy. And it shows how teachers can help students understand the immigrant experience and the drama of border life.【Get Price】

A Wall Is an Impractical Expensive and Ineffective Border Plan

Donald Trump is not backing away from his plan to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Here’s what you need to know about the proposal. Public Support for a Fence or Wall. In 2013 57 【Get Price】

Deconstructing the Wall: Teaching About the Symbolism

In this lesson plan. students move past the political rhetoric to analyze the function and symbolism of a border wall. the need for sensible border security investments and immigration reform. 【Get Price】

Border Wall - ESL Lesson Plan - Breaking News English Lesson

4. THE MEXICO BORDER WALL: Write a magazine article about the Mexico border wall. Include imaginary interviews with people who are for and against this. Read what you wrote to your classmates in the next lesson. Write down any new words and expressions you hear from your partner(s). 5.【Get Price】