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Wood and Composite Decking Review: Pros and Cons

Also known as composite, wood alternatives, or synthetic decking, wood-polymer composite has quickly become the fastest-growing decking material for residential use in the past dozen years. Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber.【Get Price】

Comparison Guide: Pressure Treated Wood Vs Composite Deck

Initial cost for a pressure treated deck is the most economical. Utilizing the Cost V Value Guide for our area a basic pressure treated deck approx. 16 x 20 would run about $18,000*. Initial costs for a similar deck with Seven Trust decking would run about $24,000*. Railing and other finish options would also affect the final budget number.【Get Price】

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Even though composite quality has improved over the years, most new decks are made of wood because it costs less up-front than composite decking. It’s an economical, traditional choice. According to Angie’s List, a $6,000 pressure-treated wood deck would cost about $11,000 in composite materials.【Get Price】

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The general lifespan of a pressure treated wood deck is between ten to fifteen years. Composite. Composite boards consist of sawdust, or wood flour, and plastic along with a binding agent and pigments. Some products come with a plastic outer coat, called a cap. Pros – If you want little maintenance, composite boards take the prize. A high 【Get Price】

Comparing Wood Deck Options: Cedar, Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure-treated decking pros and cons. If economy and longevity are your bag, go with pressure-treated wood. It’s stainable, hard enough to resist abuse, and many brands carry a lifetime (though limited) warranty. But beware, not all treated woods are created equal. The standard treated decking at my local lumberyard costs less than cedar.【Get Price】

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Unlike with traditional lumber — like pressure-treated wood — you won’t need to re-stain or power wash every few years. Opting for Prime+ composite decking also means you won’t need to complete a wholesale deck replacement at the 10-year mark.【Get Price】

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, or composite decking, is most commonly used in place of wood decking which of course uses natural wood. Composite decks require far less maintenance and care than wood decks. Some people use treated lumber for a wood deck. While treated lumber lasts longer than natural wood, it may contain harsh or toxic chemicals, which create their own 【Get Price】

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Had a pressure treated wood deck for many years at my previous home. Lots of work, splinters, and rotting rails. Current home has composite decking and we will NEVER go back to wood. The appearance, strength and ease of care is incomparable. I am in no way associated with marketing or sales of decking material.【Get Price】

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This guide to the major decking materials includes pros, cons, grades, costs and availability for each, along with some advice to make your investment last. Pressure-Treated Wood. Advantages: Economical and plentiful, pressure-treated wood lasts around 15 years when properly treated with a water repellent every two years.【Get Price】

Comparing Wood Deck Options: Cedar, Pressure Treated Wood & Composite

Probably the most difficult decision to make when building a wood deck is what type of decking to use. All three choices—5/4 x 6-in. radius-edged cedar, pressure-treated and composite decking—share similarities. They’re all rot resistant to varying degrees, require 16-in. joist spacing for 【Get Price】

Deck Designs: Composite vs. Pressure Treated Wood

Pressure Treated Wood – On the other hand, simply put, pressure treated wood may only last you 10-15 years, if that, and offers no warranty. Aesthetics Composite – From afar, composite decking material resembles real wood and depending on the color, painted wood. Many homeowners considering composite often ask if the material can be painted 【Get Price】