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Need DIY friendly material for carport ceiling Hello Everyone! I have a 2-car carport with an attached 4' x 60' front overhang/porch that has severely cracked and alligatored paint on the ceiling.【Get Price】

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For a basic garage ceiling, drywall is a simple, cheap material option. It's easy to nail to existing beams and can also serve as a base for other ceiling materials if you decide to upgrade. This addition to your garage ceiling, when finished and painted, can go a long way toward giving the space a completed feel.【Get Price】

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There are several options for garage ceilings. Drywall. For a basic garage ceiling, drywall is a simple, cheap material option. Wood. Wood is an option for a garage ceiling if you're seeking a warm, luxurious feel for the space. Plywood. House Siding. Metal Tiles. What is the best material for a porch ceiling? Best Porch Ceiling Material 【Get Price】

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My mother's carport was originally finished (circa 1972) like every room inside her house -- with wall paneling and a drywall ceiling covered in popcorn. Forty years of moisture has taken its toll on the ceiling. The drywall tape is peeling and a couple of the sheets of drywall are desinegrating and falling down.【Get Price】

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Best of all, it serves as an excellent base if you choose to add a different ceiling material. As far as cheap ceiling ideas go, drywall is usually the first thing that comes to mind. With its insulative properties, it’ll also help keep your garage cool in the summer and warm in the winter .【Get Price】

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Fiberglass ceilings are available in either opaque or translucent material, both of which will provide natural lighting within the carport. Wood Wooden carport ceilings look very attractive and offer better insulation than other materials, particularly if the carport is also partly covered by wooden panels.【Get Price】

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Ceiling tiles, planks, wood, panels and other types of ceiling materials are typically inexpensive and easy to install, even for the do-it-yourself home remodeler.Before deciding which materials work best for you, consider the overall cost, personal preference, aesthetic value, function, or benefit of a specific material, and the difficulty installing various ceiling types.【Get Price】

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It is best to figure out what type would work best for your circumstances. For example, if you live in the West, you might not need a heavy material, and if you live in the East, you might be better off with something sturdier because of the changing weather. Here are a few choices to consider when adding a garage ceiling to your existing garage.【Get Price】