how to build a wood post fence

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Building a wire fence is a project you can complete in a day or two, especially when you have a helper. Knowing how to build a wire fence with wood posts will ensure you have a sturdy fence to protect your garden and yard from potential pests.【Get Price】

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Considering the value that a fence has, it makes sense to build your corner assemblies up to the highest standard in your area. Corner braces range from an H brace, N brace or a brace with a wood post at the top and wire stretching from the top of one post down to the bottom of the other.【Get Price】

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Looks solid enough, but setting wooden posts in concrete is a bad idea. First major wet period will cause the posts to swell, and your concrete will crack. After more alternating wet and dry periods, the posts will rot at the ground line. Galvanized posts like you show in the photo would have been much better, and equal work.【Get Price】

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Fence posts are commonly spaced 6' to 8' apart. Starting at one corner or an end, measure the appropriate distance to the next post. Define the center of this post and mark the location with a wood stake. Continue this until all posts have been located and staked. Setting the Posts【Get Price】

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To install a wood fence post, use a durable wood that can withstand the local climate—ask an expert at a nearby home improvement store if you aren't sure. Make sure the post you choose is labeled as suitable for ground contact! Since wood posts may rot over time, apply a non-water-based, brush-on wood preservative like copper naphthenate first.【Get Price】

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By using metal fence posts with your wooden fence, you will extend the life of your fence by multiple years. …Often times extending the life of your wood fence by 2X, 3X or 4X years. In this way, a FenceTrac fence is often a better investment over the long term, because it may outlast three or four all-wood fence replacements.【Get Price】

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Wood posts cost less than metal. The downside to building a fence with wood posts is that you’ll likely need to replace the fence in 7-10 years. Here’s the deal: Wood posts rot. Metal posts last way longer (sometimes decades) than wood because don’t rot or warp. So if you consider the lifetime of your fence (or many wood fences).【Get Price】

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While pre-assembled wood fence panels make installation faster, a component-built fence follows the contours of your yard better. Fence Layout and Post Locations Follow these steps to mark the layout and establish the post locations.【Get Price】