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Over time, especially as the boat flexes with the motion of the seas, moisture works its way under the teak, finds its way to a few of those screw holes and eventually migrates into the core. The core gets wet, possibly causing the layers to weaken the bonding and separate – also called delamination, which is very hard to detect under the teak.【Get Price】

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Other boats are needlessly used in a careless way and this causes hull problems. Never allow someone to load heavy objects on the cabin top or jump onto the deck from the dock. Not only is it dangerous, but it can lead to delamination in these areas which will grow with further vibration from normal use.【Get Price】

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I recently had a 2002 300 Sig surveyed and it uncovered deck delamination. IS this a serious enough issue to walk away from the boat? Thanks【Get Price】

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Part 1 of a two part video on rotten balsa core replacement on a valiant 40, using a break through material that is bound to change how soft decks are repair【Get Price】

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This is a system that uses two part structural foam that makes a mushy boat deck, firm without replacement. This system will give you a 【Get Price】

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Delamination. Some fiberglass boats have a wooden layer in between the outer and inner construction of the fiberglass. Delamination occurs when the middle wood breaks down or pulls away from the surrounding fiberglass substrate. Delamination usually occurs due to water pooling in the hull’s bilge for a prolonged period.【Get Price】

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Hello all. I have an 02 222 fisherman always taken care of with low hours. I have a small section of the deck on the port side just forward of the jump seat that feels like the top layer of the fiberglass is "separating" or "flexing" when you walk hard on it. When I push down hard I feel a【Get Price】

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Delamination is a common deck and hull construction problem which tends to get worse if left unattended. Eventually, it can reach a point where the overall structural integrity of the hull and deck may be compromised so it’s really important to know how to perform a high quality with this fibreglass boat repair.【Get Price】

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Deck fittings, like chain plates, generate concentrate loads which may cause delamination. Sail boats, due to their rigging, are relatively more influenced by this aspect. Fittings are, on same boats, glassed to the deck and they require an accurate inspection because a delamination can produce the chain plate shifting which can be noticed, on 【Get Price】

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The word “delamination” causes instant visions of a good old boat coming apart at the seams. Worse, those visions may be equated with an unsalvageable hulk lying in the mud of a river bank. Bad jokes have been published of a prospective buyer falling through a deck or into the bilge.【Get Price】

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Re: Exterior hull delamination, easy fix? yeah, no attachment to this boat so I'm looking for another hull. It sucks because I only got to go out on this boat 3 times before this happened, and I just spent like $300-400 bucks and 2 weeks refiHopefully I can find a cheap, sound hull that needs a motor and interior, lol.【Get Price】

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If done correctly the deck should be fine. They will probably peel off the deck, remove all the core, replace the core and then put the deck back on. there is variation on whether to put the deck back on or just glass over a new skin. But is the boat worth sinking $20,000 into?【Get Price】

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Gorilla Glue and Foam Sealer both expand when introduced into a void. Gorilla Glue is especially water friendly and works in wet areas just fine. In fact the more water the more foam it will create. Gorilla glue dries harder and does not absorb water very easily. Foam sealer is a little softer and will … Continue reading – Fixing Soft Spots or Delamination using Gorilla Glue or Foam Sealer →【Get Price】

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Testing for Delamination or Core rot on your boat. If left in its current state it can begin to impact the structural stability of the boat. If you think about the deck of the boat, it is essentially the horizontal support holding the hull sides in place. When soft or spongy, the deck may give a bit here and a bit there allowing the hull 【Get Price】

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It can also detect delamination within any of the layers of the fiberglass, including delamination caused by osmosis (blisters) and disbanding of the layers adjacent to the core. The vast majority of boats are manufactured with a cored deck. Hulls, stringers and other parts may also be cored.【Get Price】

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Hi all, I've been working on boats for some time, but I'm new to the intricacies of Laser repair. I have a '94 Laser with some deck delamination (spider cracks). I was planning to do the normal trick of drilling a bunch of holes and injecting WEST into them, but I thought it would be a good【Get Price】

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Re: Deck Delamination It depends what the core material is, if its balsa it will have to be fixed now. Being a 2002 it sounds like you want a nice boat Just because its not cost effective to fix the damage doesn't mean it doesn't need to be fixed. It means you will have to do it.【Get Price】