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Connector Clip Hidden fastener used between deck boards to secure positioning. Joist A horizontal structural pressure-treated board that runs from wall-to-wall, wall-to-beam, or beam-to-beam to support the deck floor and decking materials. Lag Bolt A large metal fastener with a hex head and screw threads that drive it into the wood.【Get Price】

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Assume composite planks as not reusable if screwing them in through the face. The composite encloses slightly around the head, preventing it from rising back up. Force lifting will crack the plank across the screw holes. With hidden fasteners, there is a better chance of reusing the plank.【Get Price】

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The present invention provides a composite steel girder and concrete deck panel bridge, wherein concrete deck panels are removable for reuse, comprising: precast concrete deck panels, each of the panels having a plurality of holes therein extending through the panels to match stud group locations on top flanges of steel girders, the holes 【Get Price】

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Reuse is the most desirable option because it is most effective in reducing the demand for virgin resources and reducing waste (Webster and Bronski 2005). By reuse or salvage (we use the terms interchangeably), we mean the reuse of a previously used item (brick, piece of lumber, steel column) with minimal processing.【Get Price】

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Traditional urban parking requirements have created a sea of parking in areas where land is critically needed for new construction. John Thatch, AIA, senior principal and director of design for Dahlin Partners, shares his recent work on projects that transform parking into valuable urban oases that boost local economics, including downtown Kenmore and Marina Plaza, Calif.【Get Price】

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Using Rebar for Concrete Deck Footings Plain concrete deck foundations without rebar are acceptable under the minimum standards of construction established in the International Residential Code. However, placing reinforcing steel within footings is a relatively easy and inexpensive practice that can provide increased performance.【Get Price】