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This will vary, for a domestic patio deck we typically recommend a simple concrete base and our own WPC joists. 4 A gap of at least 15mm should be left between the ends of joists and a fixed object such as a wall and of at least 8mm between the ends of joists at butt joints.【Get Price】

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Our composite decking joists are ideally used on a hard concrete base, to ensure the decking is as secure and flat as possible. When looking to work on a grass area with no concrete base, our timber decking joists will do the job. Ideally, you will want to remove the turf first to ensure the surface is as flat as possible.【Get Price】

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That means no nails for you (unless you want to attach a trim that doesn’t interlock). Most tiles come in a uniform 1-square-foot shape. Knowing their size is important when planning how many tiles you need to complete your project. “A good rule of thumb is to order 10% more tiles than your measurements say you need.”【Get Price】


Keep a minimum gap of 30 mm between decking / rails and walls or other obstacles. In order to absorb the longitudinal effect of the WPC decking by influence of temperature changes, please keep an opening of about 10 mm between the crosscut faces in case of use of several sections of decking in the longitudinal direction of the terrace.【Get Price】

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The short pieces of wood that are joining the joists together are called noggins. If you are installing noggins (on a small basic deck you will not need them)then you do not need to put them all in a straight line you can offset them so that you can drill straight through the joists and into the ends of the noggins.【Get Price】

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Out tip, if you do choose a Composite WPC Decking Board, try and make your plan simple so you do not have to cut it down. Mistakes can be expensive. There are alot of Composite WPC Decking Boards available on the market, we suggest you shop around for the best deals and then compare it with the price of wood.【Get Price】

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These will form the lines where you need to cut your risers so they fit nicely into the stringer. At this stage you should also mark out the position of the front edge of the very first tread. To work out the edges of the tread below, subtract an overhang of the tread depth. You will not need to do this for the step which connects to the decking.【Get Price】

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How much decking do I need? There are a few factors that influence the amount of decking you need. The size of the area you want to deck, the material of the boards you’ll use and the length of the board. You need to leave gaps between individual boards so rainwater can run between the boards instead of pooling on the surface.【Get Price】

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Deck Sub-Frame Design; Decking Subframe Design Guidance Decking Beam Span Guidance. We recommend beams are constructed from two 44 x 145mm Q-Deck deck joists and are placed at maximum centres of 1.8m. In this instance the maximum span between deck post centres is 2.07m (C16) or 2.24m (C24). Annotated decking diagram. Joist and Deck Board 【Get Price】

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A simple step-by-step guide to lay decking in your garden this Spring. DIY expert, Craig Phillips, shows you how to expertly build your deck project. This de【Get Price】