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1. Turquoise may be color enhanced as well (i.e. purple, green, and other colors). It is still the same material and therefore still considered genuine turquoise by industry standards. Often referred to as "Mojave", "Composite", and "Compressed" turquoise. 2. Smaller pieces of turquoise may be bonded together to form larger pieces.【Get Price】

Composites - Humboldt State University

A natural or true color composite is an image displaying a combination of the visible red, green and blue bands to the corresponding red, green and blue channels on the computer display. The resulting composite resembles what would be observed naturally by the human eye: vegetation appears green, water dark is blue to black and bare ground and 【Get Price】

Sterling Silver and Green Composite Turquoise Earrings - Adorable Moon

Crafted of green composite turquoise with gold veins, two adorable moons form this pair of dangle earrings from India. Presented by Neeru Goel, the earrings are crafted of sterling silver with a high-polish finish.【Get Price】

Green or Blue? The Best Turquoise Is More Valuable Than Diamonds

"On average, less than 25 percent of turquoise mined at our mines or any other mines, are used in jewelry, and only the top 4-5 percent of that turquoise is considered 'gem grade," he says. "'Gem grade' is a term commonly used among high-grade turquoise buyers and collectors to describe the heavily silicate, deep blue, spider web turquoise.【Get Price】

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The colors in RGB images (24-bit with 8-bits for each of the red, green and blue channels) are used to show multi-channel images. The colors are designed to reflect genuine colors (i.e. the green in an RGB image reflects green color in the specimen). There are several RGB functions in Fiji. Native functions can be found in “Image/Color”.【Get Price】

Silver Green Composite Turquoise Cocktail Ring India - Harmonic Green

A single stone of green composite turquoise rests atop this cocktail ring, presented by India's Aparna. The stone is surrounded by rope and swirl motifs on a sterling silver band for a look that attunes its wearer with the wisdom of the universe.【Get Price】

Turquoise - Metaphysical Healing Properties

Turquoise is a Hydrated Copper Aluminium Phosphate that belongs to the phosphate class of minerals. Most specimens are cryptocrystalline, meaning that the crystals could only be seen by a microscope. The colour is blue but also occurs as, blue-green, green-blue, brown-green and sky blue, they have a dull to waxy lustre and are opaque.【Get Price】

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Green Copper Composite Turquoise Pendant 1 1/2" (925 Sterling Silver) PD742995. $48.99. Green Copper Composite Turquoise Pendant 1 1/2" (925 Sterling Silver) PD742778.【Get Price】

Mojave Turquoise, Composite Turquoise---What Is It?

There is a fairly new type of composite turquoise (since 2008) or "mosaic" turquoise that consists of pieces of genuine turquoise that are bonded together, along with other minerals (such as pyrite), using polymers. Colors are added to the polymer to produce "Purple Turquoise" and "Green Turquoise", and "Red" or "Orange Turquoise".【Get Price】