oak flooring be installed as a outside porch ceiling

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If the space has a high risk of moisture exposure, such as near a hot tub or swimming pool, it is a good idea to learn more about vinyl plank flooring. Other Options. Vinyl plank flooring is a potential option that can be used outdoors. Vinyl plank flooring is 100% moisture resistant so it could work for an outdoor project.【Get Price】

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Roughly halfway across the ceiling, a rhythm will start to take place and the installation will move increasingly faster. Once any air vents or junction boxes are reached, mark wood flooring planks with pencil and cut to size with chop saw or using jigsaw. Once ceiling is completely covered, re-install air vents and light fixtures.【Get Price】

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A pro floor layer stains his planks before installing, so when gaps open, unstained tongue doesn't show. " Unfinished flooring also can be slightly different heights," He means thicknesses, why I've seen it vary as much as a 64th, even a 32nd, you get more than that just from uneven under-layment, on a floor it might matter, not on a ceiling.【Get Price】

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To center the pattern on the ceiling, trim planks to equal widths for the outside row. To do that, first drop the 13 from 13.667 leaving you 0.667 inch, then add 1 to get 1.667. Divide 1.667 by 2, which equals 0.833. Multiply the exposed plank width of 6 inches by .833 to get 5 inches.【Get Price】

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Although the basics of installation of both a plank floor and ceiling are essentially the same, working on a ceiling can present some unique challenges that some DIY’ers might not consider. PREP & PLAN. As shown in this article, Keith Lively installed a tongue-and-groove solid pine ceiling on his 35-ft. long covered porch.【Get Price】

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For nail down installation. Quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 129 square feet: $446.33: $587.76: Oak Flooring Installation Labor, Basic Basic labor to install oak flooring with favorable site conditions. Install underlayment on clean, level subfloor. Acclimate, cull and blend flooring. Blind nail 【Get Price】

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I want to replace this with the same type tongue and groove hardwood flooring, probably red or white oak. The porch is open on the sides but is covered with a roof. Outdoor hardwood ceiling 【Get Price】

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BUYING GUIDE: Solid Flooring Photo by Todd Huffman. For a plainer profile, install tongue-and-groove flooring on your porch ceiling, then paint or stain it. Or choose a flooring made from a wood that stands up to the weather, such as teak or cedar, and either get it prefinished or leave it unfinished for a more rustic look.【Get Price】

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You can use plywood on a porch ceiling, but in such a way that no one will notice it. Go for a board-and-batten approach by covering the seams with 1-by-3-inch fir, cedar or redwood trim. Paint the ceiling a single color or try a two-tone approach by painting the trim a complementary color.【Get Price】