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Rainscreen - Sto Corp.

As the only complete Rainscreen® wall system on the market – a proven system that includes the air and moisture barrier, continuous insulation, sub-framing, and prefabricated glass facade panels – StoVentec provides North American architects with powerful advantages that multi-sourced, multi-component rain screen wall assemblies simply can’t, including:【Get Price】

Understanding Rainscreen Systems & Rainscreen Walls

Some rainscreen systems are installed with an “escape” at the top of the cladding, as well. If the gap behind the cladding is open at both bottom and top, it allows airflow that helps dry out the backside of the cladding more quickly after a weather event.【Get Price】

Fiber Cement Rainscreens | Cladding Corp

Two great companies – Swisspearl ® and Cladding Corp – have joined forces to serve as the Seven Trust fiber cement rainscreen solution in North America. Architects, installers, and owners now have the premier fiber cement panel from Swisspearl, combined with a fully engineered rainscreen system by Cladding Corp.【Get Price】

Series 4000 Rainscreen Panel System - SAF Panels SAF – Southern

For a rain screen panel system requiring mitered frame extrusions and additional panel reinforcements see Series 4500 Rainscreen Panels here. SAF’s Series C4000 Rainscreen Panel System is designed to allow moisture to permeate the outside wall, but subsequently, drain through weep holes along the bottom edge of each building panel.【Get Price】

Rainscreen Cladding - American Fiber Cement

Rainscreen Cladding. Architectural wall-cladding panels act as a rainscreen on the outside of the building and keep the structural wall absolutely dry. The air space connected to the outside air evacuates water and humidity that might have penetrated behind the wall-cladding panels through its horizontal or vertical joints.【Get Price】

Rainscreen System Manufacturer - Rainscreen Cladding System & Facades

Intercept modular metal panel systems interrupt conventional thought on rainscreen wall systems to inspire spectacular visual results. With countless combinations, colors and multiple finish options, Intercept panels can inspire the artist at the core of every architectural designer.【Get Price】