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There are a lot of options for those wanting to custom-build a house in Japan, and a lot of hurdles to overcome. In a previous article, we discussed how much it costs to build a house in Japan . In this post, we will go over some of the basic things you need to consider when having a house custom built in Japan.【Get Price】

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Traditional Japanese architecture’s reliance on wood as a building material developed largely in response to Japan’s humid environment—particularly the warm, wet summer months. Raised floors 【Get Price】

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You can see more on Migusa tatami flooring on the Migusa website. For those in Japan who are interested in purchasing Migusa floor mats, the company has flagship showrooms in Osaka and Tokyo: Sekisui Tatami Migusa Tokyo Showroom (reservations required) 4F Sumitomo Shoji Kanda-Izumicho Building, 1 Kandaizumi-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0024【Get Price】

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Fourth-Generation Building Material. Japan Dome House, based in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, claims that it has developed a fourth generation building material (following wood, iron, and concrete); and that its dome house has a number of characteristics that makes it superior to conventional materials and house shapes.【Get Price】

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Japanese architecture, the built structures of Japan and their context. A pervasive characteristic of Japanese architecture is an understanding of the natural world as a source of spiritual insight and an instructive mirror of human emotion. Learn more about the history and characteristics of Japanese architecture.【Get Price】


Started as an expanded version of the construction materials division of JAPAN SHOP in 1995, ARCHITECTURE + CONSTRUCTION MATERIALS has been held every year since then. It has now grown into a comprehensive exhibition of materials and other related products indispensable for building various architectural structures in the city.【Get Price】

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Japan is well known for its large forested area, about two thirds of the national land area. Japan has a rich heritage of wood use. Since early times, back to the Jomon era, most temples, houses, handcrafts and industrial arts have been based on wood.【Get Price】