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Decking costs anywhere from $200 - $1000 per square metre, depending on the type of timber and specs of your deck. Expect to pay in the region of $200 per square metre for treated pine decking, $320+ per square metre for hardwood timber decking, $350+ per square metre for composite decking and $1000+ for elevated cyclone rated decking【Get Price】

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4 Everdeck Composite Decking The Long-Lasting & Low-Maintenance Decking Solution Composite decking is a great way to extend your living space and create a wonderful outdoor area perfect for socialising, outdoor dining, or as an addition to your pool area.【Get Price】

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The building cost per square metre should not be taken as the final or most reliable method to find the cost of a proposed building project, but it can only be used as a rough guide because there are many variables involved in building a house.【Get Price】

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The price of purchasing and installing composite decking boards can cost anything from R 1,500 per metre squared to R 4,000 per metre squared, depending on the size 【Get Price】

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Installation and delivery throughout South Africa National Sales Tel. 087 012 5283. Office: 031 012 5033 Fax: 086 671 9562 Email: [email protected] Warehouse: Unit 13 Shirldor Park, 7 Cypress Drive,【Get Price】

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The average estimated cost of materials for composite decking can range between $170 and $190 AUD per square metre. The final cost of your deck, however, is dependent upon the complexity of your deck and any add-ons that may increase the cost of labour.【Get Price】

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How much does a pine deck cost? The vast majority of entry-level decks and pergolas in New Zealand are built from pine. As the most affordable option, a simple pine deck can be finished and installed from around $500-$600 per square metre for decks under 1m, and around $600-$1,000 per m2 for decks above 1m. This includes labour.【Get Price】

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Square Metre calculations are based on a calculation of 5.25 lineal/metres per square metre for the 185mm CleverDeck boards. Pricing is based on:-138mm CleverDeck Xtreme average selling price $16.63 per l/m inc. GST. 185mm CleverDeck Xtreme average selling price $23.28 per l/m inc. GST【Get Price】


So the total cost is R 215.22 per m² plus R 75.33 per m² for hidden costs and Profit. Total minimum cost to the consumer would come to R 290.55. As you can see someone offering to do paving at R 200 per m² would work at a loss or if he is very efficient he might break even or make a small profit.【Get Price】